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MFA Emerging Media - Animation & Visual Effects Thesis Archives


Cohort #3, Class of 2022

         Indianna Alvarez Sanches Defense:  

         Savannah Berry: Defense: Film: 


         Clinnie Brinson: Defense: Film: 

         Christina Christie: Defense: Film: 

         Hannah Huffman: Defense: Film:

         Ira Klages: Defense: Film:

         Nathaniel Shrage: Defense: Film:

         Damian Thorn-Hauswirth: Defense:  Film: 

         Dillon Williams: Defense: Film:


Cohort #2, Class of 2021

         Marcos Carrasco: Defense: Film: 

         Kirstin Hardin: Defense:  Film:


         Ron Hargrove: Defense:  Film:  Film: 

         Danny McCabe: Defense:  Film: 


Cohort #1, Class of 2020

         Dana Barnes: Defense: Film:


         James Chambless: Defense: Film:

         Joshua Cooper: Defense: Film:

         Alyssa Garoogian: Defense:


         Amber Hilson: Defense:

         Heather Knott: Defense: Film: 

         Angela Hernandez-Carlson Defense: Film:  

         Brian Phinn:  Defense: Film:

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