Presenting the

Emerging Media BFA - Character Animation

Class of 2021

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Sydney Barta
Texture Artist, VisDev, and Foley
Erin Bergin
Visual Development, Story Artist, & Absolute Unit
Bailee Blaylock
Rigger and 3D Modeler
Jayme Brown
Storyboard Artist & Character Designer
Emily Caban
Storyboard Artist & 2D Animator
Danielle Campagna
Lighter, Compositor, & Visual FX
Margaret Doebling
3D Modeler & Surfacing Artist
Kellie Driscoll
Animator, Modeler, & Layout Artist
Jesus Evangelista
Storyboard Artist & 2D Animator
Shawn Felski
Animator & Foley Artist
Tania Florit
Wesley Gordon
Saige Guevara
Story Artist
Savannah Harris
Lighter, Modeler, & Animator
Charlene Jacomino
3D Modeler & Texture Artist
Hannah Jurgens
Storyboard Artist & Character Designer
Clara Kopitnik
Animator & VisDev Artist
Alex Kyzer
Animator & Story Developer
Courtney Leblanc
Animator and Layout Artist
Gabriel Lopez
Lighting Artist, Compositor & Production Manager
Password: BlackSheep2021
Greta Lundy
2D and 3D Rigger
Camille Morales
Ali Munnis
2D/3D Animator & Storyboard Artist
Paula Navarro
Production Management
password: Forgetmenot
Leven Parguian
Visual Development Artist & Animator
Ismael Perez
Modeler, Technical and Effects Artist

Nicole Ramos
Animator, Layout & Story Artist
Darby Snyder
Editor & Cinematographer
Andy Soderstrom
Visual Development & Texture Artist
Sabrina Vega
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