the Lines

Behind the Lines is a project that documents the histories of animators through video interviews

and provides a digital archive of their art and work. By collecting additional interviews, this project strengthens the creation of an archive with a focus on the history, interviews, and artwork of animators whose contributions have helped shape one of the most important artistic mediums of today.


In addition, this project is a model for digitally archiving the histories and artworks of individual animators and their art for the south, the United States, and the world. Additional grants are being pursued through the National Endowment for the Humanities to create a digital database that would allow users, who search the database, to find biographical information about the animators, see and hear the oral history interviews, and see their work in digital format.

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Positive Parenting Fables

A video series of animated fables that demonstrate positive parenting techniques.

This project has been a rewarding experience, thanks to the financial support of the Pabst Steinmetz foundation and my collaborator, Tyler Fisher. A modern twist to the use of fables, this project helps teach new parents Positive Parenting tips as established by the CDC .

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Motion Capture

 From MFA thesis projects to professional mocap sessions, I spend most Fridays in Studio 500 @ FIEA working on various projects .

Directed Social Perception

Science Florida


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