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Level Design Resources



Videos to Watch

Designing Unforgettable Titanfall Single Player Levels with Action Blocks

GDC 2024

Level and Quest Design Collaboration from Skyrim to Starfield 

Your room is the level: mixing realities in First Encounters

GDC 2023

Benefits of Missing Out: What 'Cyberpunk 2077' Taught Us About Non-Linear Level Design 

Designing Cauldrons for 'Horizon Forbidden West' 

 Moving Mountains: Speedy Level Creation as a Desperate Indie Dev 

The Level Design Evolution of 'A Plague Tale' 

GDC 2022

 'Deathloop': How We Designed Four Maps Four Times

 1,2,3 Acion! Inspiring Level Design Pacing From Music 

Designing the Museum Flashback: 'The Last of Us Part II'

Just Me & My Pitch: The Confused Art of Showing a Layout

Torchbearers: New Generation Immersive Sim Developers 

Knocking on Death's Door: Designing a New Bunker for 'Horizon Forbidden West'

Helpful Websites

A digital museum of video game levels


Things to Read


Why I Failed for Years at Level Design and Game Environments

Level Design/ BlueprintsUnreal Editor (UE)

Designer's guide to Unreal Engine keyboard shortcuts 

Lighting Essential Concepts and Effects

Level Design/ Blueprints


World of Level Design (also has great UE4 tutorial videos):


Informative articles on composition with many examples:


Blueprints - If you learn by reading:

Else, YouTube and downloading free blueprint projects from Epic and dissection them & practicing their tactics

C# scripting


Udemy (not free, but usually have good sales)


Jeremy & Ron

Once you have the basics, you can start making small apps/games to practice and use Jeremy and/or Ron if you get stuck


Google (not joking; lots of people looking for help online that most likely have your same question)


Get a free Visual Studio account to get access to Pluralsight trial for a limited time FREE – good resource to learn

LinkedIn Learning (free for all UCF Students)


Microsoft themselves (also free, yay) (many links in their descriptions that lead to their free tutorials)

3D modeling

Mike Hermes on YouTube (free)



Also Pluralsight as mentioned for C#


Nick Z. and Cheryl 

Portfolio Websites

Cohort 20

Cohort 19

Cohort 18

Student Created Video Presentations

Game Space by Gaoyang Mi 


Open World Gaming: An Expanded Explanation by Margaret Nielsen  

Player Guidance and Navigation by Ryan Ehrlich 


Environmental Storytelling by YuhaoTao

Non-Linear Level Design by Quin Li


Environmental Storytelling in Games by Daniel Velasco

Combat Design by Michael Harris

Spatial Audio in Level Design Dhruv Yadav

Player Guidance and Navigation by Blake Barbosa Gama

Lighting: Mood, Atmosphere and Guidance by Ian Montilla Cruz

Modding to Get Jobs by Alex Daspit

The Fundamentals of Metrics in Level Design, the effective application of Metrics, and When to change metrics in favor of the Game by Brandon Wolf

Verticality and What it Means for Your Game by Matthew Whittington

Player Guidance by Austin Michaud

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