FALL 2021 Character Animation and AVFX EVENTS

Topic: Senior Dailies


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Meeting ID: 924 6790 4745

Passcode: 171545

October 13th, Wednesday, 2021, 7:00-8:30pm - Open House:

Topic: Emerging Media BFA Character Animation Open House Q&A

Location: Zoom


8:00-9:30pm - Open House:

Topic: Emerging Media MFA Animation & Visual Effects Open House Q&A

Location: Zoom


(please do not distribute this Zoom link to prospective students, instead, give them this one: https://applynow.graduate.ucf.edu/register/ave101321 ).

October 15th, Friday, 2021 2-5 pm  - Junior Presentation: Gong Show

Location: Zoom


November 5th, Friday, Master's Thesis Format Review Deadline (Finished paper due to committee as well)

November 11th, Thursday, HOLIDAY, Veteran's Day

November 19th, Friday, Master's Thesis Defense Deadline

November 24th, Wednesday, NO CLASSES, Offices Open

November 25-28, Thursday - Sunday, HOLIDAYS, Thanksgiving

December 3, Friday, Master's Thesis Defense Deadline

December 3, Friday, LAST DAY OF CLASSES 

December 6, Monday, EXAMS BEGIN

December 8th, Wednesday, 2021  2:00 pm – 6 pm - MFA Final Presentation: (Cohort 4 Benchmark) 

Location: Zoom


December 9th, Thursday,  2:00 pm – 6 pm - MFA Final Presentation: (Cohort 5 pitches)

Location: Zoom


December 10th, Friday, 2021 time 2:00 -5:00pm - Potluck/Zoomluck Undergraduate Presentation

Location: Zoom


December 11th,  Saturday, EXAMS END


October 8th, Friday, 2021 2-5pm - MFA Midterm: Cohort 3 presentations 


August 18th, Wednesday, 10-12 / 1-3 - SVAD Emerging Media MFA Orientation

Location: Zoom 

Morning Link: https://ucf.zoom.us/j/93826854941?pwd=QXJSeHFMTHdpcnQ5NlhvaXpJWnBIUT09

Afternoon Link: https://ucf.zoom.us/j/91330989336?pwd=SThIeWhTOHJDdkljdTRrUFdvK2tyUT09

August 23, Monday, - Classes Begin

September 6th, Monday, HOLIDAY, Labor Day

September 10th, Friday, 2021 2-4pm  Senior Presentation  

Location: Zoom