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MFA Resources:

Key Form for OTC 500

Graduate Program Handbook

Join the MFA AVFX Discord Server, Facebook Group, and check out the YouTube channel:


Great Advice for Graduate Students  

How is Graduate Study different from Undergraduate Study

Thesis Paper writing Resources:

Adding citations in a Word document: 


Adding citations in Google Docs:


Citation Maker:

Archived information from prior years:

PowerPoint from 2020 SVAD Orientation

College of Arts and Humanities handout

Recording of SVAD orientation 2020: Password: hx#3m0Q^

Due to technical difficulties, the afternoon session did not record. Please look through the PowerPoint and read the Graduate Program Handbook. If you have further questions, please send an email to Cheryl Briggs. animator at ucf dot edu


PowerPoint from AVFX Orientation

Restricted Registration Form For Thesis hours 6918 and Independent Studies 6908

Forms, including Thesis Committee form:

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